International Conference Next Generation Avionics

Get an in depth look into the technical requirements and developments that will shape the future of avionic systems and discuss solutions with leading industry experts.

In the last years, developments in avionics systems have become an effective means for the airline companies to enhance the capabilities of their aircraft. They reduce the aircraft weight and information-management workload, enable power saving, allow easier interaction with air traffic control (ATC), avoid accidents, and result in faster training of new pilots. They also improve the functionality and accuracy along with enhanced situational awareness and safety of both the pilot and the aircraft. The aim of this conference is to:

  • Explore different possibilities for cost effective avionic systems applications, which help to reduce the overall costs of operation and fuel consumption
  • Gain insight into the concept of SESAR and Next-Gen Avionics, in order to optimise compliance times
  • Discover changes in infrastructure to further increase connectivity with the next generation avionics
  • Discuss with experts the evolution of Human Machine Interaction to assure the right end product design
  • Learn how the avionic systems technology in the aviation industry is rapidly evolving towards a more intuitive, autonomous and simpler system, reducing risk and increasing operational safety
“This conference will be a great opportunity to exchange latest developments in Next Gen Avionics.” Dr. Ingo Pletschen, Becker Avionics GmbH
“Efficient, Accurate, and Safe Navigation and Precision Guidance operations for the 21st Century and its impact on reliable, responsive, and dependable Aviation Commerce.” Dr. John Studenny, Esterline CMC Electronics
“This conference will cover a large panel of Avionics functions. It will permit to get a broad view of current functions under research and/or development and anticipate where the industry is going to.”Marques Andres, Surveillance Systems Specialist
“This conference will bring us all together to ensure a safe and fair integration of UAS as Partner” Manfred Mohr,Assistant Director SESAR

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